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ConstructingU, Think of us as Your Marketing General Contractor

ConstructingU is a team of people dedicated to helping contractors grow their business. We are passionate about these businesses and believe they have been underserved in the market.

There are few companies as versed and effective at helping contractors build and manage their company reputation and marketing efforts as the team at ConstructingU.
Helping you make sense of your marketing.

We know your business and we know online marketing

You’re a contractor. You do what you do and we know you do it well. How many calls do you get daily from companies pitching you new ways to spend your money on marketing? Marketing companies in and outside of Canada throw all sorts of words and phrases at you: online marketing, PPC, SEO, Social, guaranteeing you the first page of Google results, review sites, new websites, responsive design, mobile optimized, display ads, search ads, print, magazines, tradeshows. The list goes on and on….. there are thousands of ways to spend your money marketing your business. Where do you start? Where does it end? Like many, you might not be sure if you are getting value from what you are paying for.

We are here to help make sense of it for you. We will take a look at your overall marketing programs, see what is working, what isn’t, and take the time to explain it to you in ways that make sense.

Once there is an understanding of your needs, we can provide you with a framework to build upon. We have knowledge of and access to specific tools to execute your marketing plan effectively.

There are many events and organizations that are available to help you in other areas. Some are geared to facilitating your business growth, and some have value in keeping you informed with current health and safety regulations. There are legal seminars that can help you learn all you need to know to protect yourself as your company expands. Most have networks of companies with common goals to yours. If networking is important to you, we would be happy to facilitate you connecting in with like-minded service providers.

We can work with you independently and collectively with your team to ensure that your company grows your brand into a respected thought leader in today’s online world.

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