benefits of explainer videos

Explainer videos are a video presentation that introduces a company, product or service to a potential audience that would benefit from it. They are typically only a couple minutes long, and they are usually animated but sometimes live action. There are a number of benefits to using one of these videos on your company website to help people understand why they should be coming to you for what they need. If you have asked yourself, why should I use an explainer video, then please read on to find out.

Explainer Video Benefits

They Make Your Website Stand out From the Crowd

All websites have text and graphics, but relatively few have videos on them. This was practical once upon a time, but today’s high-speed internet connections make short work of the most sophisticated video marketing presentations and play them smoothly. Also, some of the most effective types of these videos can be fairly simple, and as a result, they put very little burden on an internet connection.

They Are Engaging

Video marketing innately holds a person’s interest because it utilizes words, animations and sound. When you go to the trouble of having a website made to advertise your construction business or to sell someone on your particular skill sets, you don’t want them just to leave right after getting there. You need to hold their interest, and nothing comes close to a video at doing that. Explainer Videos are a simple and engaging way of doing just that.

They Convert Prospects Into Customers

Explainer videos benefits are built upon the first two. By making your website stand out and engage visitors, you are increasing the chances of conversion. You want someone to follow through and become a customer or at least requests more information. When people are looking for a company or service on the internet, they typically want a brief synopsis of why they should use your company, and a well-done explainer video does exactly that. They have been shown to increase conversion rates from 15 to 50 percent.

They Are Good for Promoting Any Type of Product, Service or Company

Some believe that only a new product that no one understands needs this type of video, but this is short-sighted. If you have a construction company or if you are a tradesman, people will still need to know why they should hire you over the other guy. This type of video presentation enables you to do that in a manner that will increase your chances of getting new business.

The aforementioned explainer videos benefits apply to products or services that run the gamut from simple to more complicated subjects that truly do need an explanation to break them down. Hopefully the question of why should I use an explainer video has been answered. Don’t get lost in the crowd on the internet. You probably already paid someone to set up a website for you and to advertise it. Now you need to take that final step and turn it into a marketing machine that has customers knocking down your door to hire you.