5 Simple Steps to Online Review Success

Getting more online reviews is a critical competent for todays contractor. The modern business requires a significant amount of effective content to create loyal customers. This content can take many forms, which includes everything from blog posts to news articles.

When dealing with products or services, the most effective type of content is customer feedback. It can sway on-the-fence customers, promote your company’s values and draw traffic from search engines.

Let’s take a quick look at how you can go about getting online reviews to grasp the numerous benefits that they can provide.

1. Ask for Them

 It may seem like the simplest and most mundane thing you can do, but simply asking for online reviews can be an extremely effective practice.

 The most common way to perform this is to simply present the option to leave a review to your customers. “Write a Review” next to any rating system you have in place will often promote reviews while attracting visitors to read published customer feedback.

 2. Promote Published Reviews

 Another reputation management secret to acquiring more online reviews is to promote the ones you already have. It doesn’t matter if they’re entirely positive, so long as they do mention the things your product or services do right.

You can even promote your most positive review alongside your most negative one. This can give customers a far better sense of expectations with regards to your products or services than purely positive reviews could.

3. Examine the Competition

While on-site reviews are a great thing to have, they’re not the only places customers will use to leave reviews. They may use social networks like Facebook and Twitter or features like Google Places to let their thoughts be known about your business.

By promoting these third-party methods of review, you can often increase both your traffic and the number of reviews you receive on your business’s website.

Finding places to encourage can be as simple as looking for the websites your competition uses. You may even gain a few unique insights about your market.

4. Integrate Reviews with Your Marketing

One of your goals in marketing should be reputation management, as a positive reputation fosters more business naturally. This stretches your marketing efforts further and allows you to create loyal customers.

Re-evaluate your current marketing strategy. How well are you integrating reviews with it? Are you asking customers for reviews on things like social media and your website?

5. Make It Easy to Leave a Review

CAPTCHAs, registration and other security features that exist solely for the sake of leaving a review can deter customers from leaving them. That’s why you need to carefully balance the ease of use with everything else.

You can implement practices that deter spam and other unwanted content without inconveniencing your customers. Bypassing CAPTCHA requirements for users who are already registered, which is common for e-commerce websites, can make customer reviews effortless.

Encouraging Reviews Requires Consistent Effort

While there are numerous tips and strategies you can utilize to encourage your customers to leave more reviews, the bottom line is that you will need to make a consistent effort. You will need to continually employ one or more of the above strategies over a period of time to see the kind of customer reviews that will propel your business forward.

The simple act of repeatedly employing the above tips is the secret to getting online reviews. You’ll find that you will gradually receive more reviews as you continue to employ these strategies and that the reviews you receive should become increasingly positive as long as you regard every review you receive.