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Homestars Vancouver

Homestars Vancouver
If you have a business that cares about customer service, and you are in this for the long haul, you should have a listing on to guide potential clients to your Vancouver business. Start with a free listing. Free listings come with a lot of features and allow you to post contact information, request and respond to reviews and put their logo on your site. The fact is, by simply having a HomeStars listing for your Vancouver identity, when a homeowner does a Google search for your business, more than likely your HomeStars listing will show up on that first page of results (with or without any reviews). 
Just like the BBB or a site like Houzz, Google assumes that if you are looking for a specific Business you are also looking for information as to how reputable it is. In this regard, by obtaining a profile with HomeStars, completing it, and having previous clients write reviews on your Vancouver business, you are assured that when a potential client sees your business name and decides to check you out online, they are going to see reviews from your best clients. On a third party site that is fairly trusted for accuracy, this is much more powerful than having those clients write testimonials on your own website. is a contractor review site for homeowners. There are many reasons why a business owner should be doing business with HomeStars, or at least holding a free profile with them.
- First, it is a database of thousands of contractors across Canada, so even as a directory you should be listed there. It contains reviews on contractors and home services businesses dating back to 2006, which in a search engine’s eyes makes it a trusted source of information that homeowners should see when looking for virtually anything to do with home improvement. You’ll see just with a simple Google search of roofing companies in Vancouver, is one of the top search results.
- It will show up very prominently in searches for your own business. You can guarantee that if you have or decide to create a profile for your Vancouver business, typing your company name into Google will have your HomeStars listing on the first page of results. What better way to showcase your excellent reputation than by having your reviews showing up on a third party site within eye level of your own website?
- Another reason you should have a profile on the site that you have gone and claimed is for the simple fact that anyone can write a review on your business. Having a claimed listing will ensure you will be notified when a review comes in. The last thing you would want if for a homeowner or perhaps a competitor to place negative information about your business online without your knowledge.
ConstructingU has extensive experience working with profiles, and can walk you through the proper way to set up, manage and fully utilize a listing on the HomeStars site, whether you decide to use the free basic listing or move to an upgraded profile for your Vancouver business.
If you’d like to learn more about how HomeStars can help your potential clients find your local Vancouver business on the web, call ConstructingU at 855-845-8505.
Homestars Vancouver
Vancouver, BC

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Homestars Vancouver Homestars Vancouver

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