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Content Marketing for Contractors

Content Marketing

“Content marketing is the only marketing left.” Seth Godin.

“Content creation is the contribution of information to any media and most especially to digital media for an end-user/audience in specific contexts.”

Search engines find your site based on content. Without engaging content, you are fighting an uphill battle to get and keep people visiting your site and becoming customers.

Creating original and engaging content is tough and time-consuming. It can be next to impossible if you don’t have a background in writing or are busy running your business. This is why so many businesses today pay very little attention to the content that actually goes into their marketing. We have analyzed thousand of contractor websites and content it without a doubt the weakest part in contractor marketing. Read below for the ways ConstructingU can help your business grow through content marketing.

Curation, creativity, and coordination

These three concepts form the foundation of our house and without all of these elements content marketing efforts fail.

Content curation:

Content marketing is referred to as “thought leadership.” As a thought leader, you’ve got to know what others are saying, make sense of it, and then add something original of value to the conversation. Our entire content team spends time reading industry blogs, following industry hashtags on Twitter, and keeping on top of new ideas and trends. Utilizing a content creation team that specializes in working with contractors can give you a jump start on your content marketing strategy.

Content creativity:

We look for gaps in what types of articles are out there and look to fill those gaps. Another great technique we employ is to be topical. Has a local contractor made some misstep that has made headlines? An article engaging homeowners on how to avoid these pitfalls can get a lot of interest. Content creativity goes far beyond an initial brainstorming session. It is challenging to create quality content consistently without a creative team.

Content coordination:

Content marketing is complicated. To do it right, you’ll need several blog posts a month. Finding things to write about can be a full-time job in itself. We need to distribute content, track whether or not it’s working, and adjust efforts based on our findings. At ConstructingU, our content marketing flourishes with coordinated efforts.

Without curation, creativity, and coordination your content will not be supported by a sound foundation.

Blog posts and website copy

Blog posts and website copy

The ground level of a content marketing house is these two pieces. Without quality website copy and blog posts, content marketing efforts will have little chance of success.

We build a brand’s following through blog posts, this secures SEO results and help nurture prospects along the buying cycle. Designed to catch attention and draw homeowners to the website. In content marketing, blog posts represent the bulk of our efforts. In comparison to other types of content, blog posts are relatively quick and easy to create.

Blog posts are not the only part of the ground level; the other is website content. We create thorough, compelling website copy as we know blog post readers have little chance of converting to clients without visiting the website first. We reflect a business’s unique value proposition in website copy and capture leads from our content marketing efforts.

Videos and Case Studies

Videos and case studies

Videos and case studies make up the upper floor of your content marketing house


Everyone consumes information in different ways; one homeowner may be content to read blog posts all day while another may want to watch a two-minute explainer video. We design video content that can be used on a website on social media channels. Videos aren’t essential, but they do offer a sense of the legitimacy to a business. Quality videos used to be time-consuming and expensive compared to drafting a blog post, and although the costs are higher than writing blog posts we have can deliver results faster than many other companies.

Case studies (Previous Projects).

We know one of the most compelling ways to get a new client is by showing off the quality that has been done for others. No matter how brilliant, informative, and interesting blog posts and website copy can be, potential clients are going to want what type of work you have successfully completed for others. Creating a portfolio of Short, previous projects demonstrate this. Whether it is mentioning them in a blog post or sending them to a potential client when responding to an initial inquiry. We do not overwhelm an audience with the previous project because it can come off as too hard a sell. Instead, we choose the absolute best work a company does, and showcase it when it’s relevant.

Videos and case studies aren’t the only types of content in the upper floor we also can create infographics and interactive portfolios. We know website and blog copy isn’t always enough especially in ultra competitive verticals.

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