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What happens when the phone does ring? Hopefully by now you have done the work to drive more people to your business and your phone is ringing.
We know that you and your staff excel at your specific craft. You may be the best plumbers in Vancouver, the top masonry experts in Calgary, or the best roofer in Toronto. You could be the top General Contractor in Canada! However awesome you are, sometimes it can be challenging to express your capabilities to a homeowner so that that they will understand what you offer, and how you differ from the others in your field.
We want to show you how to represent your business in a way that when you and your team go to meet a client, they recognize that you are the best at what you do and hire you.
As sales experts, we can help you define where the gap in your close rates are, and assist you in creating the pitch that will separate you from your competition. We will help you and your staff in building better, more credible communications with your clients to make you the only viable option for the project, increasing the return you get on your advertising.

Sales Pipeline Development For Contractors

Our team can help fill your funnel full of new prospects looking for your services

Lead Qualification of Homeowners

We can help you not only get more leads but get better quality leads. Through our nurturing and scoring system, we can filter and identify top quality leads in your pipeline, ensuring you get to them as quickly as possible.

Call and Email Scripting

If you aren’t the only one answering the phones and replying to emails you want to make sure that the person that does respond conveys the same message as you would each and every time. We can help you develop the templates necessary to create a successful process that can be used time and time again.

Drip Marketing

Not every buys or hires you right on the spot. In fact, many deals are closed after many conversations. We can help you set up a system that keeps your business in front of these people, so when they are ready, they connect with you.

Tradeshow Planning

Trade shows are possibly the single biggest investment you can make in your marketing spend. We can help you first off determine whether a tradeshow is right for your business and secondly help you plan ahead to have the bet experience possible.

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