Lead Generation

Every Business Needs Quality Leads to Succeed

Lead generation for Home services and contractors is another critical part of our business. We know if the phones aren’t ringing and the emails aren’t coming in you won’t be making money. If your crews aren’t busy it can lead to having to let go or lose some of your top talents. That is painful and distracting.

We address lead generation by using the most proven and effective online channels and techniques. ConstuctingU offer your business proven services that adapt to your marketing style, market, objectives and needs. You can select form stand-alone service packages we need to fill in your most pressing needs, or we will happily work with you to build a program that is tailored to help you meet your business goals for growth and sales.

Build your reputation as an Expert with Blogging

Content in the eyes of search engines is king. If you want to show up for a particular search term online the only way to have a chance of doing that is to have it mentioned somewhere on your website. Back in the day web designers and low-level SEO companies used to just stuff the page with every keyword they could think of resulting in a jumbled mess. Search engines are smart today and don’t like that. We use blogging as a simple and effective way to create content for your website targeting specific phrases you want to show up for. Want to show up for home theatre renovations? You should have a post on it.  We not only write original content but we optimize it for local search and add it to your site. A recent study shows that 25.1 percent of companies surveyed said that posting regularly on their blog was their best source for increased traffic and leads.

SEO – use the Power of Google to drive your long-term growth

An important strategy for lead generation is Search Engine optimization or SEO. We follow SEO best practices and stay on top of changes Google makes to ranking factors to ensure consistent growth upward. The ConstructingU team have provided SEO services to hundreds of companies and have the seasoned expertise to effectively help you market your way to success.

At ConstructingU we don’t take shortcuts that can lead to Google penalties down the road. We promote sites in a way that is easy for both visitors and search engines to understand and as such more traffic gets pushed towards our customers.

Social Media is a great way to generate leads and share the news

Ignore social media at your own risk. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites like Houzz and Pinterest have allowed businesses to connect with users like never before. We leverage social media to communicate with and get in front of the right audience to share great advice, helpful tips and tricks and in general, build our clients as an influencer in their industry.

E-mail Marketing is a great way to stay in touch with your Clients

Email Marketing is something that is often overlooked or not executed properly. Businesses interact with dozens of people daily, and if they are not capturing that customers contact info, they are missing out on potential opportunities down the road.  At ConstructingU we can help you create effective email marketing campaigns that can help you connect with the right customer at the right time.

Search Engine Marketing with Pay Per Click Campaigns

Search Engine Marketing using Adwords and other paid advertising is another efficient way of getting your business out in front of people looking for what you offer.  The challenge with a search engine or pay per click marketing campaign is that so many companies are using these tools that it has become a costly and frequently infective if not set-up correctly. Our mission with paid search marketing is not to just generated a lot of clicks on your ads, but to generate qualified traffic in the form of visitors to your website that are interested in your services, in other words, qualified leads.

At ConstructingU we focus on traffic that results in a call, quote or email.


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