Local Marketing

The Journey to find Your Business Starts with a Search

86% of consumers start their searches on the internet. If you aren’t on the first page of the search results, or worse, don’t have a website, chances are very small that you will get clients from online consumers. Basically, it means you are only getting access to 14% of the potential market and giving your competitors the other 80%+. Having a strong local search presence helps ensure that you are near the top of the list when people are looking to start a home improvement project, get a service or build a new home. Local marketing is the process of getting your business to show up in all the local online resources people search.

Getting Found Online requires some work.

First off we do Local SEO

We optimize your website specifically for local web searches. We want your business to show up for location-specific searches. Google prioritizes local listings when people make these types of searches. We also know Local search can eliminate a lot of the competition because we are only dealing with competitors in that target area. Examples could be “Plumbers near me” or “Best roofing company in Vancouver” and would both be considered local searches.

Did you know Google research on search users shows that 50 percent of mobile users and 34 percent of tablet or computer users will contact a business or visit a store within 24 hours of their local search? Local SEO can have a significant impact on increasing leads and new business.

You don’t even need to be a business with a couple of brick and mortar locations to benefit. You could be a national company, or only online-only and local SEO can still have the potential make an enormous impact on your business.

We make sure you have local accounts on all of the major search engines. Next, we make sure your website targets the right local keywords to target to the right audience and service area.

Being Social pays off so use Social Media

We love Facebook, and whether you do or not there is no denying that it’s an amazing marketing tool when used properly. Facebook has generated so much personal data over the years that it has become a very effective tool in getting your business out in front of local people who are looking for your services. We start with setting up an well laid out Facebook page with clear messaging and calls to actions (Call now/click for quote etc.)

Facebook is also a relatively inexpensive place to pay for advertising (providing its set up and done right)

Get your business Listed on all relevant Review Websites

In 2018 reviews are the “must-have” for any customer-facing business, particularly, those who want to rank well in local search marketing. A recent study from BrightLocal showed 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family.

We get your business and services listed on all the major review sites. Sites like HomeStars, Houzz, HomeAdvisor, and Yelp to name a few and we monitor and proactively drive your customers to write reviews there and follow the results.

We keep your information up to date and complete. This includes simple and often overlooked things like making sure your address and phone number look precisely the same in every place where it may show up.

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