Reputation Management

Your reputation is your most important Asset!

Most contractors will say their number one source of new business is referrals. As a tradesperson, contractor or home products or services provider a good reputation is critical to the success of the company.  Since its explosion in social media over the last decade, it has become more critical than ever to pay attention to what people say about you online. What if a customer who is upset about something out of your control, like a weather delay on an outside job,  posts a negative review about your business? The chances are high that the negative review will be one of the first things people see when they search for your business. Given how many options people have today in the construction industry, why make it easier for them to move to the next option on the list rather than to look further at your business? Is that something you want to risk?

More than 75% of homeowners looking for services or products for the home, search on the internet first. At ConstructingU we know how people start their search for a new project and know that your reputation is your most important asset. It can make or break your business, and you need to protect it because without trust you won’t be in business long term.

How ConstructingU helps you Protect and Grow Your Reputation

First off we set your business up on all the various sites that search engines consider essential for consumer research. We optimize your profiles for content and list the relevant services you offer. Doing this sends signals to search engines like Google which help give a small boost to your search rankings. Another reason this is important is chances are you are already listed on many of these sites without any interaction of your own and without having “claimed” the listing you would have no idea as to whether someone posted a review of you there, Good or bad.

We set up Alerts and Notifications so you know what people are saying about your business

The next step in the process is we set automatic notifications that any time a new mention of the business pops up we know about it. This could be a review or even a mention on a forum or in the news. It is vital that business knows what people think about it.

Collect User Feedback to improve your business

We then set up a short survey (1 to 2 questions) that we send out to all previous clients asking for feedback on how the company did. When a client responds we know about it. The last thing a company wants is to find out a customer they thought was happy wasn’t.

You knew the saying If a customer is happy they might tell one or two people but if they aren’t they might tell 5-10. Well, we work to address that instantly. The moment we find out a customer is less that satisfied we let you know about it so action can be taken.

Reviews and testimonials are powerful sales tools

We then ask those happy clients to take one extra simple step post a review on sites like Facebook, Google, Yelp or HomeStars. Sites like these are incredibly powerful in helping local search rankings. In some search terms, pages like HomeStars and Yelp will rank higher than companies in that category themselves. One Example would be “Roofing companies Vancouver” Take a Look

ConstructingU helps make your customers your best salespeople!

The next step is publication. Once this positive feedback comes in, we can have it uploaded to your website. If you don’t have a website the rest of the service still works but honestly, you really should have a website, it’s 2018. Having client testimonials on your site can increase the chance a visitor to your site will call or email you by over 35%. PLUS having all those detailed reviews from the projects or services you provided for visitors to read adds additional content to your website and the more good content you have on your website, the better you look in the eyes of Google.

Your best leads come from happy clients through word of mouth. The trouble with relying on straight word of mouth is one of your happy clients has to be directly engaged in a conversation with someone looking for you services. Working with ConstructingU allows you to put that happy testimonial out there for ANYONE looking for services you offer? We help you take that word of mouth and put it online for more people to see the good work you do.

It’s like having your happiest customers standing out front of a Tim Hortons telling everyone that walks by how great you are!

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