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Web Design that works for you

At the centre of any effective online marketing campaign is a good website. Your business website can be your online business card, a brochure,  a tool to help customers understand your products and services, a means to contact you and, if done right,  your best salesperson, working tirelessly 24/7. To help you achieve your goals and grow your business your website needs to be executed properly. ConstructingU knows how to build websites that work for tradespeople, contractors and Home Service Industry professionals.

How Websites are constructed makes a big difference in how they work

Web sites are more than the sum of their parts; just being pretty won’t cut it in today’s competitive world. Your site needs to hard-working,  fast and effective,  just like the rest of your business. Your website needs to be smart and well built.

ConstructingU are experts at building sites that work. We develop clear attractive sites that are designed to convert visitors into customers, and that can be easily and effectively marketed. Unlike many website design businesses that just focus on making something pretty, we know what it takes to make your site an effective online marketing and sales tool, and we build your site with this in mind.

One size does not work for all

We understand that one size does not necessarily fit all. Each and every business has different needs and requirements that are unique to that business, but at the same time, there are also similarities between different businesses in the same sector. With this in mind, we have created easy to use “packages” that can be quickly and easily adapted to your brand, look and feel with your content and images, all built on a well-designed attractively formatted WordPress Themes.

If your needs require something special we can happily customize standard templates to meet your needs.

ConstrutingU also provides Custom sites when you are ready to lead online.

If you’re looking to really stand out from the crowd and want something completely special, or you have a unique idea as to how you want your site to look and feel, a custom site may be just the thing. Our team will work with you to create a site the clearly represents to look and feel that you envisage and puts forward your business and your brand powerfully and professionally. Custom sites take more work on both our part and yours, but if you’re looking for something exceptional to make your business pop, nothing does it better.

Sites built to be marketed.

No matter whether you start with one of our templates, or choose to go a fully custom route, all of our sites come with the ability to be effectively marketed built into their DNA. You can rest assured that your site will look good,  but even more importantly, it will also work well, and know how to work with search engines and social media. A ConstuctingU site will serve as an effective hub for your online marketing efforts be they modest or “conquer the world” in scope.

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