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Small Business Consulting

Do you own a business that you can sell or pass along to your children? If not you only own a job.

Business Consulting

If you are looking to grow your business implementing systems that can track every aspect of your business is very important. Having those systems be inexpensive and easy to use is our specialty.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM tools don’t have to be expensive and only for large enterprise companies. Having a CRM will allow you to effectively manage all your contacts, leads and existing customers in a way that makes your business operate more efficiently.


Still sending email from a or @yahoo.comemail account? Stop looking like an amateur and get real about your business. We can help you get a email address that is web based and connected to your smartphone. We do this seamlessly without losing any future or existing email.

IT Services / Web Security

If your password is password you have a problem. Chances are hackers are trying to hit your website right now. If you have been hacked or are vulnerable to hacking we can help you shore up weak spots and set backups of important information.

Google Apps for Business

You have probably heard of Google before right? While they offer a great suite of products for businesses like yours including professional email, cloud storage and online office products all starting at about $5 a month.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free and powerful tool to monitor your website and marketing efforts. We can setup and customize a simple to understand dashboard hat shows you everything from how many visitors you get to what they do on your site. All while creating a big picture of how your marketing is working for you.

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